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Speed: 5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 1


The Addax Ozone is your do it all midrange. A true point and shoot disc that will be your workhorse from 300 and in. When thrown flat the Addax will hold that straight flight with a very mild finish to it. When throw on an anny it will hold that anny for 80% of the flight then slowly flatten out and land as soft as a baby cloud holding puppies. When thrown on a hyzer it will hold that gentle hyzer all the way to the ground. Fast out of the hand but a very soft and predictable finish is what the Addax will give you. Tell all the other midranges to buzzz off and to tell the truth… the Addax is superior!

Wild Discs Ozone Addax Stable Midrange

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