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Speed: 14 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 4

Holding the new Flex Performance Merlin Long Distance Driver in your hand, or watching it fly down the fairway, you may be convinced there’s wizardry in play. But there’s no spell book. So put the magic wands away. Daredevil Discs’ newest member to the flock, the Merlin, is a swift and fierce flier, scanning for greens and chains in pursuit of its prey; round defining birdies. Designed for big D, the fine-tuned turn of the Merlin allows for breakneck maneuvers around obstacles, while its rated Speed 14 makes quick work over perilous terrain. The heroics of your falconry will be discussed all season over the picnic tables with friends; no need for round tables. Make this your Big Year with the the Merlin. Great for cold weather play and dyes very well. Flex Performance Plastic – Flexible ‘candy’ clear plastic which feels great in the hand. Has the same predictable performance as our ‘High Performance’ plastic with added grip. It is hard to damage and perfect for colder weather conditions.

Daredevil Merlin Overstable Distance Driver

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