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Speed: 2 | Glide: 3 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 1


Stiff Blend is here! 


If you're a fan of the Marvel (who isn't!?) and find yourself wanting something firmer than our Base Blend, then this plastic is for you! 


Our Stiff Blend has the same profile as the Base runs, while providing more firmness and a touch more stability. This run could be compared to KC Pro/P Line, but it is definitely new + unique and should not be compared to one other distinct item on the market. 

Give our Stiff Blend a try today, especially in warmer climates! 




The Stiff Blend First Run Marvel in full production colors is here! 


Our straight to slightly overstable beadless putter is incredibly consistent and great for putting and throwing alike.


The Marvel takes well to spin putts as well as push and hybrid types and will quickly work it's way alongside the most used discs in your bag!


The Marvel is a completely new mold, designed and owned by Birdie. We aren't renaming other manufacturers existing molds, so you can be sure that we are bringing originality to the game along with the latest advancements in disc design! 

Birdie Discs Stiff Blend Marvel Stable Putter

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