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Speed: 8 | Glide: 3 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 3


The Minotaur is an overstable control driver that is meant to handle power and consistently finish with a big fade. This disc is not meant to provide big distance, but is designed for hook hyzers and shot shaping flex shots around obstacles.

Need a disc that will always finish to the left? Throw the Minotaur backhand (for a right handed player)? Need to finish to the right? Throw the Minotaur forehand.

Its lower speed and glide make this a manageable utility disc for recreational player and well-seasoned disc golfers.

The consistent overstable flight path make this the Divergent Disc to choose when throwing into a headwind.

Divergent Minotaur Overstable Utility/Fairway Driver

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